søndag den 20. marts 2011

A review of the game fable 3.

Hello, today i will be reviewing the game fable 3.

This review will hold spoilers, if you dont want your game spoiled then dont read anymore, if you are considering to buy this game then do, its pretty damm awesome ;)

Your adventure starts in your bedroom where you are awoken by your butler, who is packing a british accent which just adds to the game.

You are quickly presented with the problem of the game, your evil brother, he is leading the land of albion in tyranni, child labour, stealing from the people. You quickly realise that you are supposed to stop this.

Through playing the game you get told that you will lead the country when you have overthrown your brother.
And to gain the support of all the small minorities you have to make promises to make their situation better when you eventually get to rule the kingdom.

Then after playing throught the first half of the game you get to throw out your brother, and then you are presented with the problem as to why he has been so "cruel"
Earlier you met an enemy that seemed indefeatable. And that enemy is planning an attack on your newly aquired kingdom. He did this to gather a large army to defend the people.

And by then, you have to decide.

Will you be a good lord, but then have no cash to defend your kingdom?

Or will you be a tyrant like the one you just overthrew to defend your kingdom?

Ive tried both, and when you have done either the game is not worth playing anymore.

If you are evil and have enough cash, then everyone in the game will HATE you. Not presenting you with a whole lot of things to do in the game.

And by being a good lord, everyone will be dead, but the ones that are still left will love you.

This is my first ever game review. Constructive critic is always welcome :)

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  1. Nice review, one constructive criticism is that you didn't review the gameplay/graphics of the game at all.

  2. Oh thats right, i completey forgot it, it looks amazing though, and the gameplay is great. The way that they compine melee, magic and ranged its amazing. You get to create your own spells and its awesome :)